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Weeping Tiles & Foundation

Fixing water drainage problems

Got water drainage problems in your basement?


For 50+ years, Nadeau’s experts have helped homeowners with the following services:


  • Changing weeping tiles

  • Installing wall membranes

  • Backfilling with drainage sand


If you live within 100 km of Kapuskasing, contact Nadeau for your septic and sewer needs.


Septic Tanks & Sewer Systems

Providing underground wastewater assistance

Certified installers of septic systems


Toilet not flushing? Perhaps you need a new septic system.


Nadeau’s certified operators install, fix and replace malfunctioning septic systems.


As well, we offer home inspections to ensure everything septic-related is operating properly.


Help with sewer line repairs


Nadeau regularly partners with plumbers and the Municipality of Kapuskasing to help homeowners with sewer system problems.


If you live within 100 km of Kapuskasing, contact Nadeau for your septic and sewer needs.


Basic Landscaping & Aggregates

All about the finishing touches

Basic landscaping


Nadeau’s basic landscaping services can help you change up and improve the overall look of your property.


We offer the following:


  • Putting top soil, grass and seed down

  • Filling holes created by our excavators (often after working on weeping tiles)

  • Ensuring proper slope/leveling outside your home or land

We sell aggregates/gravel


Whatever your needs—gravel pits, gravel from quarries, rock or gravel products—Nadeau has a wide range of products to help you with your project.


Our gravel is used by municipalities and homeowners on:


  • Highways and roads

  • Driveways

  • Parking lots


We offer the best aggregate prices in town AND do small & big deliveries: so contact Nadeau or visit our office to purchase your gravel today.


Services for consumers & businesses

Nadeau provides demolition services for removing buildings like abandoned houses, offices and garages.


In addition, we ensure no mess is left behind by:


  • Hauling/moving all debris off-site

  • Backfilling any holes with clay, sand etc.


If you live within 100 km of Kapuskasing, contact Nadeau for your demolition needs.


Snow Removal

24-hour service you can count on

Need snow efficiently removed from your Kapuskasing-area driveway or parking lot?


Nadeau offers 24-hour snow removal services for home owners, business owners, apartment owners and landlords!


Our other snow-related services include:


  • Snow hauling: If you don’t have a place to put your snow, we will haul it away for you.


  • Sanding and salting: For increasing safety on your driveway or parking lot.


  • Solar panels: Nadeau is the only service provider in Kapuskasing who blows snow off solar panels! 


Contact Nadeau to set up a seasonal contract; or, call us anytime for a one-time job!


Helical Piles

With comprehensive service from planning to installation we’ll put your project and your trust on solid footing.

Why Helical Piles?

Helical piles deliver benefits over competing deep foundation systems including reduced environmental footprint, speed of installation and applications within diverse soil and environmental conditions.

Helical piles are the responsible choice

  • The fastest, most flexible and environmentally-friendly deep foundation option available.

  • ​Quiet, low disturbance installation.

Not just for light loads

  • High-quality materials and custom designs for projects of all scopes and sizes

  • ​Helix design dramatically increases bearing capacity and pull-out resistance

Helical Piles
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